The Geophysical Studies Are Carried out According To The Requirement of The Saudi Geological Survey Following The International And Local Standards And Specifications Such As Those Given by The American Geological Survey, Geological Society of London And International geophysics

  1. Geophysical studies in The study project of ” Environmental Impact of Waste water disposal in Wadi Uranah, Makkah City .
  2. Geophysical studies for subsurface Explorations in”Impact Assessment of New Ajiad Hospital Foundation on Hydrogeological Regime, Makkah City”.
  3. Geophysical studies for Siteselection of solid waste disposal south Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  4. Geological study for Underground water waste, Wadi Uranah, South Makkah City.
  5. (Geological study of the rock mass at Ajiad new Hospital,Makkah City (Geophysical studies