The Environmental Studies And Consultations Are Done According To The International And Local Standards And Specifications. Also Based On The Regulations Given by The General Presidency of Meteorology And Environmental Protection Map. 

  1. Environmental impacts of gypsum mining operation at Jabal Alragama, Tabuk Cement Co. Tabuk Governate..
  2. Environmental impacts of the King Abdulaziz parallel Road, Makkah City.
  3. Environmental impact assessment new Ajiad Hospital Project Makkah.
  4. Environmental Evaluation of mining Feldspar ore at Wadi Yaba, Almajardah, Asir Governate . UMIC.
  5. Environmental Evaluation of mining marble ore at Jabal Khanougah, Albejadiah south ALDawadmi Riyadh Governate.
  6. Environmental Assessment of Clay Mining from Um Alhamam Basin, East Altanumah -Alasyah, Qasseim Governate. Najad factories for Red Bricks.
  7. Environmental Evaluation of mining Gypsum ore at ALgasab area north Yunbu Province. Oswah International Est.
  8. Environmental Impacts of the sewage water on soil and ground water, East Jeddah.
  9. Site selection for solidwaste disposal for south Jeddah.
  10. Environmental assessment of the pollution of soil and water at Wadi Uranah, Makkah.
  11. Ground water Quality of the Jabal Omar Project, Makkah City.
  12. Environmental Study of Alsumman Quarries Complex. Al Hasa Governate
  13. Environmental study of Najd factories for Red Bricks – Unaizah- Qasseim Governate.
  14. Environmental Evaluation of mining marble ore at Algasab area, north Yunbu, Oswah International Est..
  15. Environmental study for Destination water and Sewage water Plants in Qasseim Region,by cooperation with SGS.
  16. Environmental study for Reiza Ltd. Co. , Jeddah.
  17. Environmental study of Activities of Alsulayel Assebley,Riyadh Region.
  18. Environmental study of the household waste sorting project in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah area – Old Yanbu Dallah Al Baraka for operation and maintenance.